Sunday, November 18, 2007

For the time being

In case you have doubts
Let me clarify
Till some time back
I was one of you
And sooner and later
Will again join the milieu
That is waiting out there.
A two bedroom flat
With drawing and dining separate
And a reasonably good job
With all the hazards attached.
Only for the time being
I thought I should be me.
Spill some tea on the bed-sheet
Eat cookies in-between meals
Listen to crazy Qawalis
Ask for the moon and the stars
From the distant sun-lord
And be granted all things
Silly and bountiful:
Water, air, soil, life - death.
As blood is spilled on the streets
As peace is negotiated by brokers
Masks melt away in rain
Mayhem passes
In the name of celebration,
I thought that I should be me
Asking for and being granted
Anyone I love
With no need to justify
Or be justified.

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