Sunday, November 18, 2007

Independence day

1. Expression of a naive

Maybe it does not matter
That some folks died just like that
Not for wealth or family or
But for a concept called the
{That politicking leeches suck dry
Prowling hyenas give a try
Big brothers greedily pry}
And gained an intangible called
That lets us, you and I
On our own terms at someplace
We can call our own
{Where the mind is expected to be without fear
And the head is supposedly held high}

From our hearts and brains
Let us call out to those folks
Who lived for reason and died for it

Salute, salute, salute!

2. And that of a sceptic

A loafer abuses me for being
A negligent walker on the road.
He earns through the day
What I may spend on a porn VCD
On a whim. He earns that
On shedding a lot of sweat and perhaps
But catching me unaware
About the latest lie I have to tell
To make some relation up,
He, on a rickety bicycle,
Lashes me with his words.

He is free.

Free to stand on the roadside
And urinate. Or travel always on a local train
Without tickets.
Take a meaningless brawl with a
Law abiding jellyfish known as
Gentleman, me.

And I vaguely remember seeing this
Urchin brandishing a crude iron rod
During the last riots in the city
In the name of some god and
A politician .

I am sure he will buy
A tri-colour and unfurl it
In the front of his rickety bicycle

And for many more years to come.

1 comment:

Sudeshna Hazra said...

thats wat a lot of people call 'independence' and some call it a 'cultural difference'! :-)